Saturday, 21 December 2013

Tis the Season

This season is of course great for creating all sorts of vivid colourful pictures, but I also tried to make some that were a little bit different.  Again, hoping to capture a particular mood and feel for each of them.  Thanks to Evanne, Jade and Hard for joining me in some of them.

Neon Nights

I have been experimenting lately with neon and lights, and these pictures are the beginning results.  I hope like, and hopefully more to come!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Favourties Gallery

Another collection of photos that made me stop and look longer, and admire the skills of the people who made them.  The feelings evoked are amazing and leave me wanting more.  I look forward to seeing every single image that is uploaded to the flickr group.  Keep them coming and thank you, all of you are amazing and I wish I could put all of the photos here.

Sun Angels and Rocket Phil - Phil's Photos

Four and a Half - Miuccia Klaar

Betrayal - Graham Collinson

(Untitled) - Kei Frequency

Can you help me remember how to smile - Pretty Parkin

Small Prayer - Shockerz


With the colder weather and holidays coming up, my shoots tend to be a little chilly and cheery!  Still experimenting with creating a certain feel and mood through the pictures I make.  I am amazed just how much light can change a picture's affect on the viewer.  Thanks for looking. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Of family and Cold Weather

Another post!  This time again, playing with lights and poses.  I really really like to create a certain mood within my pictures, and light for me is a way to do that.  I love experimenting with them, every little change brings out new textures and can totally change the feel of a composition.  I hope you enjoy.  Joining me in the picture are, Hard Rust and Naiya Valeska (my family ♥) and Zacharias Zucker in two great poses from Rack Poses.  Thanks so much!


Monday, 25 November 2013

Favourites Gallery

It has been a little bit since I have posted some of the FANTASTIC images that are posted to the "Spirit World" flickr group.  I love love going through and seeing what people post.  It is so hard to pick my favourites.  I would post them all if I could, you all make such fantastic pictures.  Again, these are just a few that made me stop and ponder...taking a longer, closer look.  The mood that is captured in each of them so much different from the next.  I find myself making stories for each of them, and that always makes me smile.  Thanks to all of you for posting, and please, keep them coming!

Check all of them out here: Images From...The Spirit World

 Miuccia Klaar

Cypriss Hill

Stolen Sword

Hezekiah Jouvenet

Rachel Swallows

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Of Water and Fences and Hands in the Dark.

So again, I am trying to get a little softer look to my poses as well as experimenting with lighting still.  I am wanting to get more of a mood that is implied rather than set out for you.  I hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Zach and Mirko for providing me with the manly parts.