Saturday, 31 August 2013


I have been really enjoying making poses lately.  Here is my newest one that I call "Modesty".  Of course messing with light and shadow again as well.  I will be posting another round of some of my favourite pictures from the flickr group as well! So, if you are in it, get some on there, I would love to see what you have been doing! Here is the link to the group, and if you would like to join it, just shoot me a message!  ♥♥

Images From....The Spirit World

All That's Old....

Is new again!  I just wanted to share some of my favourite photos that I have done over the past couple years.  It is interesting to see how much things have or have not changed the more I take photos in Second Life.  When I first started to get really into taking them, it was frustrating for me because I didn't have a computer that could handle all of the light and shadow graphics settings.  During that time, Hard Rust was a HUGE help in working with me on scene shoots, helping me take images that I had in my head.  I have since upgraded my computer, but Hard is still an important part of my creative process, bouncing ideas off of him, and getting his opinions on things.  Anyway, below is a selection of my journey in SL photography so far.  I hope you enjoy.  They go from the oldest I kept on flickr (I had to delete as I went, that was before I went pro, and of course before they gave everyone so much storage) to some of the newest.  It was a little painful to go back and look at some of them! XD