Saturday, 17 August 2013

More Pieces of "Broken"

I am so very happy that people are jumping on board with submitting their interpretations of "Broken".  Two more great images to share today...the first one by Serenity Juneberry called "Houston, We Have a Problem (Broken in the Cosmos).  This photo just makes me smile, and the details great.  Again I find myself wondering about the person IN the image and how that window was broken...and  what happens NEXT!  Great image Serenity, thankyou.

The next image is called "Broken" is by Mel and Lems, with SweetMelons taking the photo.  I find this to be sweet and soft, and sad at the same time.  The stories that go into the images...what is being communicated....THAT is what makes it interesting.  What is the wall that is between the two?  Will it come down?  Another great image.

Be sure to check out the flickr group for more great images.

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