Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The second theme that I was looking for to be added to the flickr group was interpretations of "Bound".  I haven't gotten many submissions, but I will hope for more!  I know you all have great ideas to share.  Two that I have gotten are below, one from SweetMelons and another from Erika Thorkveld.  Both very different representations of "Bound" and both very well done.  Check out the flickr stream for more Images from the...Spirit World.

Images from the...Spirit World

From SweetMelons: Stuck no matter what

From Erika: Photo I did for Spirit Eleonara's 'Bound' theme, which didn't seem to inspire a lot of people… *grins* Well, that's what being 'bound' means to me. Took me some time to get it done, werewolves avatars are not very common. *giggles* Thanks to Logan O'Leary (a.k.a Caslan Strom) for posing for me!

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